What Are Cannabis Topicals and How Do They Work?

Cannabis consumption methods have come a long way from simply smoking flower. Emerging scientific research, coupled with the continued growth of the marijuauna market, has opened doors to the incredible and diverse world of cannabis products! 

Consumers now have unrivalled access to topical products that offer benefits beyond what many may have thought possible. Cannabis topicals (also called marijuana topicals) occupy an exciting corner of this market, with many products promising incredible benefits and natural relief. 

What Are Cannabis Topicals?

Simply put, this category of topicals are cannabis-infused lotions, balms, and oils that are applied directly to the skin. Once applied, these topicals’ active ingredients are absorbed through the skin for effective relief from pain and inflammation.

Cannabis topicals work their magic through localized relief, meaning that you can directly target specific areas of concern. This is an excellent alternative for those looking to treat problem areas rather than take other forms of pain relief that essentially affect the entire body.

Because these topicals do not induce any psychoactive effects, they are a top choice for individuals who want to experience the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without the high that often comes along with its consumption.

What Are the Benefits of Marijuana Topicals?

Topicals offer an impressive list of benefits that can be enjoyed on their own or with traditional treatment methods as a complementary product.

As mentioned above, pain relief is one of the main benefits of cannabis topicals. They are popular as a treatment for localized pain and effective for issues like muscle soreness and inflammation. One study indicates that cannabis topicals help treat the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis without any evident side effects.

The benefits of cannabis topicals do not necessarily have to end with pain relief. Some topicals specifically tackle different issues, like Latitude’s Sex Pot Intimacy Oil, which aims to help women who are struggling with intimacy by working to boost sexual appetite.

As research and public interest continue to grow on marijuana topicals, there will likely be an increase in the development of issue-specific products over time.

Who Should Use Cannabis Topicals?

You don’t have to suffer from a condition that causes chronic pain to enjoy the benefits of a marijuana topical. The average person will suffer from some form of physical pain as activity inflicts some wear and tear on our bodies throughout our daily lives.

Keeping a high-quality cannabis topical in your medicine cabinet, like LivRelief’s Transdermal CBD Cream, will give you a natural and effective option to manage your aches and pains rather than reaching for a traditional pharmaceutical product. 
Looking for a product that packs a bit more punch? In that case, Apothecanna’s Extra Strength Body Cream contains peppermint, which will give that cooling sensation that many find complimentary to topical pain relief.

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