Finding the Best Marijuana Dispensary in Canada

It is not far-fetched – the online space is flooded with so many dispensaries that promise good quality cannabis products. So how do you make the right choices in this large pool of options? I believe you wouldn’t mind learning a few tips from KJCannabis.

You see, online marijuana dispensaries give Canadians an unending list of options to choose from, and some services deliver products right to your home, including flower buds, THC oil, cannabis-infused capsules, and more. So you can always get mail order marijuana from anywhere you are in Canada.

But there’s no disputing of the fact that some dispensaries are far better than others, and we’ll tell you why in this piece.

Before then, let’s answer a few questions.

Is It Legal to Buy Cannabis Online in Canada?

Of course, buying marijuana online in Canada is completely legal. And this means if you reside in any of Canada’s territories or provinces, you’re free to use cannabis products, both for recreational or medical purposes.

However, every online retailer needs to be licensed by approved government authorities. Furthermore, you may need to meet an age requirement, but this depends on where you live in Canada.

Here’s one tip for you – Always look for cannabis products with a colored excise stamp (this shows that the product is approved to enter the legal marketplace). However, the color may vary depending on the province.

Feel free to always ask the marijuana dispensary owners or their dedicated customer representatives’ crucial questions about the products licensing. – A reputable and legit company would be happy to show you their license, but the fake ones would want to avoid such questions.

Critical Factors for Finding the Best Marijuana Dispensary in Canada

Now that your mind is at peace that buying cannabis online is legal in Canada, let’s show you some tips to finding a marijuana dispensary you can trust as your major supplier. These few tips work irrespective of your province or territory.

Look into a dispensaries list of products

Well, you cannot judge a book by its cover they say, you may need to quickly check what a dispensary you found out has got to offer. Consider their product selections, strains, sizes, shapes, prices.  It’s okay to check a few online retailers.

However, when you find a retailer that has your choice of cannabis product, consider their best sellers, special deals, and new arrivals.

Consider Prices

It would be quite unfortunate if you’re only stuck with choosing products from one dispensary in your location. You would have to pay whatever they ask you to pay. But with Mail order Marijuana (MOM), you have a wider choice to decide from, giving you a stronger buying power.

Don’t make the mistake of settling with the first price you come across. You can try shopping around to see dispensaries with great offers and amazing discounts.

Look into their shipping and refund policies

Many cannabis users make the mistake of making hasty purchases online without considering the shipping and refund policies.

Interestingly, some dispensaries offer free shipping when you meet some spending criteria. Good companies offer a delivery guarantee and options to track your order so you know when to expect your cannabis products.

Also, consider refund policies. Some offer refunds on non-consumables but not on consumable products. Consider all of these before proceeding to make a purchase.

Check reviews and Ask questions

You need to know what previous customers or buyers are saying about using a product from a particular cannabis dispensary. Read customer reviews, what people report about the weed quality, delivery times, and customer service. If there are recurrent issues, that would be a red flag for you.

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