Facts You Should Know About Marijuana

Facts You Should Know About Marijuana 

Do you think you know all the facts about marijuana? Wait until you find some kickass facts about marijuana that will blow your mind.

Do you know there are over fifteen ways you can smoke a joint? Or what if I tell you that Shakespeare was a pothead (maybe that was his source of inspiration). I bet you didn’t know.

There are tons of exciting cannabis facts you barely knew exist. And here is the best part. Researchers are still unlocking more exciting facts about marijuana. 

So whether you call it grass, joint, weed, ganja, pot, hash, dope, or sandwich, there is so much to this wonderful plant you think you ever knew. 

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While it is almost impossible to recognize every marijuana fact out there, it is pertinent you know some fundamental truths about weed.

So we have dug up a couple of interesting facts to help enrich your knowledge repertoire of cannabis.

Here are four interesting marijuana facts you should know: 

1. Cannabis Has Over 500 Distinct compounds  

Yes, you heard that right. Marijuana has over 500 distinct compounds, which include cannabinoids, terpenoids, flavonoids, and omega fatty acids. 

You probably heard of cannabinoids. They are compounds that are unique to cannabis.

Studies indicate that there are over 100 different cannabinoids. The most prominent cannabinoid is delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol. It rings a bell, right? 

THC has been identified as causing the “high” associated with cannabis. It also can affect mood, cognition, emotion, and motor function. 

Interestingly, other non-psychoactive cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol ( CBD), have been shown to have beneficial medicinal properties. 

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2. Marijuana Can Relax Or Energize You 

Furthermore, cannabis can give you a sedating and stimulating experience. Sounds ironic? Well, cannabis can take you to the best of both worlds, depending on the strain you consume. 

For example, when buying cannabis at a marijuana dispensary in Mission, you will notice that cannabis is mainly categorized into Sativa such as Amherst Sour Diesel, and Indica such as Green Monster Breath.

So let’s break it down. Sativas are well known for their energizing “head high,” which can help reduce anxiety or stress while increasing inventiveness and focus. 

On the other hand, Indicas are commonly associated with full-body effects such as increased deep relaxation and decreased insomnia.

3. Marijuana Has Amazing Health Benefits 

In addition, marijuana has great medicinal benefits you can only imagine. Forget about what marijuana naysayers are mumbling. 

A few puffs on a joint will not turn you into a junkie. Far from it. Cannabis has a long list of surprising health benefits.

Research shows that cannabis can kill cancer cells. Similarly, do you know that smoking weed isn’t as bad for your lungs as widely perceived? 

On the contrary, potheads have improved lung function compared to cigarette smokers and people who have never smoked before. 

This is not some hogwash tale. But do you know some researchers believe the big and heavy drags weed smokers take may help develop their lungs to be more active. 

4. Not All Weed Content Makes you High 

Finally, you must understand the difference between THC and CBD. Although they are both from the same family, CBD will provide medicinal benefits without getting you high. 

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