Is Marijuana Addictive?

Is Marijuana Addictive?

Addiction means being out of control over a habit that seems to be harmful to one’s mental and physical health. Marijuana could be addictive if not properly used according to the prescription. That means once it’s abused, you have to survive on it. 

Studies show that most people who get addicted are those who started using marijuana before the age of 18. In 2018, a report showed that about 1 in 17 high school seniors reportedly smoked marijuana daily. And with the increasing use rates, more people can provoke marijuana addictions. However, many people who use the drug do not get addicted.

Could One Take Marijuana Without Getting Addicted? 

People use marijuana without getting addicted. Cannabis is a plant also known as marijuana, and there are diverse components of the cannabis plant. Two of these components are distinguished: ‘ Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)’ and Cannabidiol (CBD). 

THC is liable for feeling high when you take them, while CBD doesn’t have such an effect. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the components of Cannabis that comes with tremendous potential and is exceptionally beneficial to the body. 

After going through studies and research about CBD, researchers discovered the health benefits, and as such, the importance of this herb cannot be over-emphasized. 

As more researches and tests are still in process, it is now evident that CBD has the solution that is capable of resolving several health issues, which include: 

  • Muscle Spasms 
  • Anxiety 
  • Sleep and Chronic pain 
  • Arthritis Relief
  • Cancer Treatment 
  • Glaucoma Treatment. 

There are other benefits of CBD that make the natural drug wonderful, as a lot of research is being done to discover the level of effectiveness of the component on different health conditions and how remarkable it is to know that CBD can be used in diverse forms and its side effects are minimal. 

This is why at our marijuana store, we are the number and best weed dispenser in the world, and we recommend our premium cannabis products, including our CBD Oil, which offers immense benefits to your health. 

But on the other hand, THC, which is responsible for your high, could lead to Cannabis Use Disorder (CUD).

What Is Cannabis Use Disorder (CUD)?

Cannabis Use Disorder (CUD) is an alternative way of referring to cannabis or marijuana addictions. In the fifth revision of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) and ICD-10, it is defined as the continued use of cannabis despite significant clinical impairment. 

This condition might occur in smoking marijuana, especially if it causes physical or emotional problems. CUD can migrate from mild conditions to severe conditions. 

How To Discover You Have CUD?

To discover such, you need to ask yourself this important question; Do you make use of marijuana every day? Have you effortlessly tried to cease, but it seems impossible? When you stop, do you feel strange? Do you have trouble sleeping? When you use marijuana again, do you feel relief from those feelings? Do you crave marijuana? Do you feel like stopping it even when it is harmful, yet can’t? If yes is your answer to any of these questions, then you may have CUD.

Can CUD Be Treated, If Yes! How? 

For CUD, there has not been a proven treatment for it. Meanwhile, you might get well if you meet a therapist who involves cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), contingency management (CM), and others. This will help you redefine your thoughts and behavior that make you find it difficult to quit. You could also try to meditate or engage in other stress-relieving training, which may help. 

Using Marijuana As Medically Remedy

In some countries, doctors can prescribe marijuana due to its health benefits, discovered during research. As stated earlier, it is used to treat severe pain and may reduce Parkinson’s disease symptoms, glaucoma, and many others. Our CBD Oil is suitably made to treat various health-related issues, even skin problems, with less or no side effects. 

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