Is Hash Really More Potent than Kief After the Extraction Process?

Cannabis extraction is one of the pre-use processes that determines its potency. Different types of extraction form different concentrates, with Kief and Hash being among the most popular options.

Kief and Hash potency comparisons are very common, and most opinions tend to favor Hash. However, how valid are these claims? This piece will consider their extraction process to determine the answer.

What is Kief Concentrate?

Kief is the informal name of Trichomes in cannabis plants. Kief is one of the easiest concentrates to extract and is the sticky substance that sticks to your hand after dropping the cannabis plant. Kief is often collected in storage containers and blenders during extraction.

Kief’s potency level is higher than the regular variants of cannabis. However, compared to other concentrates in its category, it is the mildest. Its intensity is not very high, which is obviously due to its simple extraction, which is basically the blending and filtering of trichomes to get pure extracts.

What is Hash Concentrate?

Hash is a highly desired concentrate that is often considered as a type of Kief. However, this is not the case as this concentrate is obtained from a more complicated process.

Hash or Hashish is made by heating and compressing trichomes. Applying heat to the trichomes changes the chemical reaction, and the end product is a stronger and more potent concentrate than Kief. There are several options for making Hash, and one of them. Extraction through ice water is also possible and is actually very popular.

Hashish, just like Kief, is easy to get in stores. However, you must ensure that you buy from the right shop. You can buy Hash online from a reputable store like KJCannabis.

Hashish is considerably different from Hash rosin. KJ Cannabis makes clear these differences with its cannabis products so that customers get value always.

Key Differences Between Kief and Hash

  • Kief is typically more affordable than Hash.
  • Kief gives the high feeling but definitely not as much as Hash which is considered more intense and potent.

From the two points above, it is apparent that Hash has a higher potency than Kief if both are extracted with the right technique.

Which Should You Go for?

While the word ‘potency’ usually connotes superiority, it is not that black and white when it comes to cannabis concentrates. Ordinarily, you may want to consider choosing Hash because of its higher intensity, but it is best to get a doctor’s recommendation. Even if you want it for recreational activity, Kief could be the deal as long as it gives you the feeling you want.

It is majorly about choosing the one that gives you optimal results, and it can be the less intense Kief. The bottom line is to buy from a reputable shop. There are shops where you can buy Kief online if you want a mid-result. Also, you can buy Hash online if you want higher potency.

KJ Cannabis is one of the stores where you can buy purely extracted Kief and Hash cannabis products in Mission and Terrace, BC. It has different categories of cannabis products shared into three variants; Sativa, Indica and Hybrid. You can make your order to get the best cannabis products online in Canada. 

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