Concentrate Vs. Edibles: Are Dabs Stronger Than Edibles?

If you’ve been wondering, “Are concentrates stronger than edibles?, know that many cannabis users are also asking the same question. 

As more people become aware of the consumption of cannabis for recreational and medical use, many users are looking for safer and effective ways to benefit from the qualities of this plant without having to smoke it.   

Today, there is a rise in the number of people consuming cannabis through concentrates and edibles, as these are both effective and viable options. KJCannabis has been the best legal weed dispensary in Mission where cannabis lovers shop for quality products. 

That being said, there is a clear-cut difference between concentrates and edibles. And in this article, we will be making it simple for you to tell the difference.

What You Should Know About Concentrates and Edibles

Concentrates and Edibles are two forms of consuming cannabis. Edibles come in different forms. You can find cannabis-infused cookies or cakes at a reputable cannabis dispensary Mission. Edibles also come in chocolates, gummy bears, tea, coffee, etc. (You can even order THC drinks online in Mission at KJCannabis.)

Since edibles are consumed as your everyday snack, controlling the dosage may be more challenging. However, it is advisable to follow the dosage written on the product label to help prevent you from taking beyond your desired amount.

On the other hand, concentrates also come in various forms, including wax, budder, shatter, etc. There are also various ways of consuming concentrates. Ie. You may consume concentrates in the form of tincture or drops under your tongue.

Another effective way of consuming concentrates is through dabbing. Dabbing involves dropping a small volume of concentrate into a hot surface or vaporizer and inhaling the vapor.

Other forms of concentrates like crumbles may be added to a cannabis joint, or you may choose to smoke it using a pipe.

Comparing The Effects of Dabs and Edibles

While the effects of dabs may be immediate, you may have to wait longer to feel the effects of consuming cannabis edibles. You can expect to experience the full or peak effect within thirty minutes of inhaling dabs. 

It may take much longer for effects to reach its peak when consuming edibles – between thirty to ninety minutes to start feeling the effect, with the peak being noticed within four hours of consumption. While edibles offer a variety of ways to enjoy your favourite cannabis strain, it may be a downside for most people who desire immediate effect.

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How Long Do the Effects Last?

Dabbing offers you better dosage control because you may experience the effects faster than consuming edibles. It takes between one to fifteen minutes to start experiencing the effects of dabbing and may last up to six hours after consumption. In some cases, you may feel some of the residual effects for up to twenty-four hours after consumption.

In comparison, the effects of consuming edibles may last in your system for up to twelve hours after consumption. You may also experience some residual effects for up to twenty-four hours after use.

To wrap up, edibles and concentrates are in no doubt two effective ways of consuming cannabis. However, they offer varying effects due to the time it takes for the cannabis component to interact with your bloodstream. Choose what works best for you.KJCannabis is the best online weed store in Mission BC where you can buy the best quality concentrates and edibles, find marijuana delivery services, and have a great experience.

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