Is Cannabis Legal in Canada?

Is Cannabis Legal in Canada?

The Canadian Government legalized and regulated cannabis use on the 17th of October, 2018. Under the federal legislation provision, if you are above 18, you can possess as much as 30 grams of legal cannabis products that can be shared with other adults. An adult can also grow up to four cannabis plants per household.

So, instead of walking long distances to get a cannabis fix, as in those days when cannabis was not legalized, you can now easily access them from your Canadian neighbor. They can be used both for medicinal and recreational purposes. And with the development of Canadian laws and regulations, cannabis stores have spiraled to more than 3,000, with edibles estimated to be $1.6 billion (Canadian dollars) per year.

Canada is the first developed nation to legalize cannabis consumption. It has also passed a law to forgive all its citizens with criminal records for marijuana or cannabis oil possession with immediate effect and at no cost. 

Where Is It Safe to Purchase Cannabis in Canada?

Since the legalization of cannabis, marijuana shops and dispensaries can be either located in privately operated dispensaries, government retail, and marijuana shops, or a hybrid of both.

The Canadian government issues a seal to all approved stores to operate legally. This seal is expected to be displayed in retailers’ shops and on all their products as a sign that they have been authorized and are in compliance with the government laws and regulations on cannabis products.

How to Identify Legal Cannabis Products

If you are making cannabis product purchases, it is essential to purchase your products from legal cannabis store. By this, you have a high chance of acquiring approved products that have met all strict product safety and quality control requirements. 

The law permits only Federal cannabis license holders to grow cannabis for consumers. Hence, legal cannabis products can and should only be obtained from authorized retailers. These retailers are authorized by the territorial and provincial governments or health care professionals. And they can register to acquire cannabis products directly from a seller licensed by the federal government and can be used for medical purposes.

Some important things to look out for in a product include:

  • The standardized cannabis symbol.
  • Mandatory health warning messages.
  • Plain labeling and packaging that is child-resistant.
  • An excise stamp that differs from territory to territory and province to province. Every territory and province has its unique excise stamp, which you should consider looking out for on a cannabis product presented as legal. Well, except for products having lower than 0.3% THC, the stamp is provided, and it usually has security features that make it difficult to forge—just like banknotes and passports.

How to Identify Illegal Cannabis Retailers

If you are not confident about the retailer you are about to deal with and you need to be sure if they are operating legally or not, here are some ways to find out:

  • They may request payment via cryptocurrency or e-transfer because credit cards are usually not workable with them.
  • Their platforms do not provide verified users’ ages. 
  • They create very appealing products and packages to entice consumers.
  • They offer attractive bonuses for referrals, sign-ups, and other promotions.

You should endeavor to notify appropriate authorities about the operations of an illegal cannabis store if you find one. For instance, local law enforcement or the nearest Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) detachment will do.

In Canada, every adult can acquire cannabis products legally, including plants and seeds, from authorized cultivators and retailers. But then, you should know what’s legal in the territory or province you reside or visit. Some basic information that cuts across territories and provinces includes a link to their retail stores, age restriction of potential consumers, operators’ excise stamp, information on public possession limits, and a brief detailing about acquiring legal cannabis.

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