All About BC Bud: The Legendary Home of Canadian Weed

All About BC Bud: The Legendary Home of Canadian Weed

Those of us lucky enough to call British Columbia home are privy to many local splendours: young and jagged mountain ranges that scratch the sky, the vast and undulant Pacific Ocean, and fresh, legendary BC bud.

BC bud is known around the world to be some of the best marijuana in existence. While the climate here is agreeable for growing weed, a lot of the quality you see when you look at BC cannabis in an online store comes from a long local history. Let’s take a peek into that history and see why BC bud is so great.

How It All Began (Hint: With BC Weed Lovers)

While most people nowadays associate the words “BC Bud” with marijuana, it was actually the name of a prohibition-era beer produced in British Columbia in the 1930s. The beer itself didn’t have anything to do with cannabis, but since it was such a big hit south of the border, the moniker stuck.

Marijuana cultivation in BC really took off in the 1960s when draft dodgers and conscientious objectors moved to Canada from the United States. Weed was a huge part of “love” culture at the time, legal or not, so many young people moving north brought seeds with them.

When they arrived, they found a land ripe for the taking. Although weed was far from legal at the time, the attitude in BC was lax compared to the criminal stance of the States. Opportunities were abundant for people looking to start afresh, and so the cannabis revolution in BC truly began.

Why Is BC Bud So Good?

If you’ve made your way into the best cannabis store in Terrace, BC, you’ll have seen some beautiful bud. It’s not just by chance that the bud looks so good—it’s because it is grown right here in beautiful British Columbia.

When you look at BC cannabis in online stores, it stands apart from the rest. While the liberal history of the province is one reason for high-calibre pot production, the climate itself is another factor.

The summers are hot and the fall months are cool. Ancient soils are rich in nutrients, and there is ample rainfall—the permanent swath of flora blanketing the coast attests to this.

These conditions make for plants that grow tall and strong and produce fantastic marijuana. Not to say BC doesn’t have its fair share of indoor grow shows—it certainly does, but outdoor growers can flourish here, too.

One final factor in the quality of cannabis grown in BC is the quality of the seeds themselves. Since folks emigrating from the US had to smuggle their seeds in with them, only the best heritage varieties were brought. Good seeds undoubtedly make for good weed, and the cannabis revolution in BC started on a solid footing.

BC Cannabis in Online Stores or Dispensaries

Combining the factors of heritage seeds, passionate growers, and an ideal climate, it’s easy to see how BC bud has become the stuff of legend! It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping online or in a store: the following strains will knock your socks off!

  • UBC Chemo: This Indica strain was lovingly developed by the University of British Columbia (UBC) to help patients undergoing chemotherapy to deal with undesirable side effects. As you can imagine, it is soothing and powerful, allowing users to let go of worldly stresses. Whether or not you believe it was developed by David Suzuki is up to you!
  • Barbara Bud: An indica unique for the high CBD content, Barbara Bud is prized among growers for being a fast-growing strain. The aroma is fruity/citrusy, with undertones of bubblegum. Users describe it as providing relief from pain, stress, and muscle spasms without an intense mental fog.
  • BC Big Bud: The “Big” in the name of this strain refers to the monstrous buds produced by harvest time. It is a hybrid, but leaning more toward sativa dominance. The effects are euphoric and provide relief from pain and nausea while delivering intense cerebral influences. When you look for BC cannabis in online stores, BC Big Bud will top the list of bestsellers.
  • BC God Bud: With a name like this, you’d expect a mighty herb—and you wouldn’t be wrong! God Bud is indica heavy, though it was born as a hybrid from Hawaiian (sativa) and Purple Skunk (indica). It has a staggering THC content of 27 percent and is most often used to help with insomnia. It is euphoric and relaxing and tastes of tropical fruits. 
  • Romulan: This earthy-tasting indica is known to send the user into intense couch-lock, making it a popular medicinal strain. It hits hard and fast, stimulating the appetite and relieving pain, then passes you into a serene lethargy nearing bliss. THC averages 16 percent but can still cause headaches, dizziness, or paranoia if overdone.

The above-listed strains are BC-born and bred, but they are not alone. When you come into the best cannabis store in Terrace, BC (or check out our online selection of flower), you’ll find a vast selection of BC cannabis.

Some of our favourite strains include BC Original Glue, grown in the lush and lovely Pemberton Valley, 8 Ball Kush from the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, and Quadra, a strain also grown on Vancouver Island but named for one of the most beautiful islands on the coast.

A Round of Applause for BC Bud

Cannabis users across the country owe a hat-tip to BC for the part it played in the federal legalization of marijuana in 2018. The exemplary standards of west coast growers and the passionate demand of users spurred the process of legalization. This progressive step has benefited all Canadians, who can now legally buy BC cannabis in online stores.

Thanks to the heritage and climate of the westernmost province, BC bud has made a name for itself around the world. You know it when you see it: big, proud, sparkly buds with intense aromas and flavours. Nothing beats BC bud!

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