10 Weed Strains That Are Perfect For Chill Weekend Vibes

You want a fun weekend, right? Of course, you should chill and get some high vibes…

Weekends don’t come twice a week! 

You probably want to get a perfect weed strain from the best online marijuana shop in Mission.

However, finding a retail store to buy weed online Mission BC is not as challenging as figuring out the perfect weed strain to get you stoned on a weekend.

KJCannabis has done the homework for you.  Here are the best  10 weed strains that are perfect for chill weekend vibes:

1. Cherry Burst

Yeah, it tastes as it sounds. Cherry Burst has a fruity taste of tropical cherry. The sweetness of the flavor is incomparable.

Smoking from a bowl of this weed strain orientates your body, and relaxes your mind. 

2. Cowichan Kush (from 18twelve)

If you want to buy legal weed online in BC, Cowichan Kush is one of the best weed strains you should consider. It contains up to 33% THC.

Smoking this weed strain exerts a creative and uplifting effect on your body and will be a great choice to enjoy while out on adventures such as skating, surfing, or hiking for the weekend.

3. All Purpose Indica Flower

This specific strain is a blend of products (think of a red wine blend) with pungent aromas and optimum levels of THC. 

If you desire to buy Indica strains online in Mission BC but you’re skeptical about which particular strain will make you high, the All-purpose Flower Indica is ideal to give you that vibe you desire.

4. Sundae Strudel (from 3 Saints)

Being a hybrid of Cherry Strudel and Sundae Driver strains, the Sundae Strudel weed strain contains a significant level of THC.

If you’re planning on surfing for your weekend, consider buying this strain and you’ll get the “head high” you need before hitting the waves.

5. Blood Orange

The name of this weed strain sets it apart as a legend. It gives you a lysergic effect that makes you intensely high for a long time.

This active weed strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid of Ae77 Calio Rage X Appalachia. If you decide to buy Sativa weed online in Mission to enjoy chill weekend vibes, blood orange is ideal as it helps you stay high during your favorite event.

6. Blue Iguana

This weed strain is a monster; it will make you feel like a superhero on your weekend.

Blue Iguana is a hybrid of Double Dutch and Old Time Moonshine, and it has an earthy aroma, fruity taste, and strong THC potency.  This will give your head a serious punch and leave you with a powerful sensation.

7. Gelato Cake (from BC Organic)

This weed strain is an Indica-dominant flower that has dense sticky buds. It is a hybrid of Wedding Cake and Gelato, with a creamy aroma.

BC Organic Gelato Cake is not for beginners as it gives a long-lasting high of at least 3 hours.

8. Tom Ford (from 7 Green)

Tom Ford weed strain helps you relieve stress accumulated  during the week.

It is an Indica-dominant hybrid with a very large amount of spicy gas and aroma.

9. Sweet Bubba (from BC Organic)

This weed strain has a high potency. It gives a sweet, earthy aroma that leaves you craving more.

Smoking this weed strain will give you an almost instant calmness and relaxation.


Last on our list of ten weed strains that are perfect for chill weekend Vibes is CNDYLND.

It specifically gives a sweet taste at the start, then a pungent, piney taste a few moments later.

Worried About Finding a Perfect Weed Strain?

We know how challenging it can be to find a perfect weed strain, especially if you want to buy weed online in Mission BC. You may visit our store to check the best strains that are perfect for chill weekend vibes. Select your choice based on your preference and stay high to get the best out of your weekends.

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