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Want To Buy Legal Cannabis? Here is What You Need to Know

There is a common saying that says facts don’t lie. So the fact that more people are turning to cannabis products such as Tropical Diesel CBG Infused from KJ cannabis as their first substance doesn’t come as a surprise.

Although buying legal cannabis isn’t rocket science, you must be equipped with some basic cannabis knowledge to make your cannabis journey a jolly ride. 

So If you want to learn about legal cannabis culture in Canada, here is everything you need to know. 

Legal History Of Cannabis In Canada 

Cannabis is legal in Canada, but it hasn’t always been so. Historical records show that cannabis was once labeled a prohibited substance.

However, due to its growing popularity, more people started to call for the legalization of cannabis for both recreational and medical purposes. 

On October 17, 2018, Canada became the first G7 nation to legalize cannabis. Today, you can legally buy weed in Canada without any hassles. 

But there is a lot more you need to know. 

Who Can Buy Legal Weed in Canada?

If you live in Mission, British Columbia, the legal age to purchase and smoke cannabis is 19. The same law also applies to most provinces in Canada.

 However, there are some exceptions. In Alberta, the legal age is 18, while in Quebec, it is 21. 

How Much Weed are you legally allowed to buy in Canada? 

Buying legal cannabis is quite simple. But not as simple as you think. So here is the load down. 

You can legally have, carry and share about 30 grams of cannabis. That’s about 60 to 75 pre-rolled joints to relish. 

What Cannabis Products Can I Buy? 

Upon visiting a cannabis dispensary, you can choose to buy any of the following cannabis products:

  •  Flowers: These are the dried buds of a marijuana plant, and they come in various strains, such as  Indica 20% Plus, Organic Comatose and so much more. 
  • Concentrates: If you want something that packs a more powerful punch than flowers, you should opt for concentrates such as Wedding CK Shatter. You will find concentrates in various forms, including kief, wax, and oils. 
  • Edibles: These are food products that contain cannabinoids. They include cookies, gummies, and even cannabis-infused drinks such as sodas and cold-brewed coffee. 
  • Topicals: Cannabis topicals such as All-Natural Lip Balm are cannabis-infused products applied directly to the skin to provide surface relief. Cannabis extracts can be added to a wide range of topical products, including lotions, salves, creams, and balms. 

Where Can I Smoke Weed? 

Now here comes the tricky part. Smoking weed is legal in Canada, but consuming it in public spaces is prohibited. 

So here is the truth. Smoking cannabis is banned in all public spaces in Canada, such as workplaces, indoor public areas, and public transit facilities. 

Where can I buy legal cannabis? 

Although every province in Canada has its own rules regarding where to buy legal cannabis, you can get legal marijuana in a cannabis dispensary or a government-run retail shop. 

Here are a couple of things you must know when purchasing weed from a legal cannabis dispensary: 

  • Age verification is required. 
  •  An excise stamp: It is designed to guarantee that the product is made with strict compliance to the highest safety standards. 
  • Credit cards and debit.

If you live in Mission, British Columbia, you can order high-quality cannabis products online on KJ Cannabis. 

 What if you are put off by the prospect of walking into a cannabis dispensary, don’t worry. 

At KJ Cannabis, we allow you to buy cannabis online and deliver it to your home in record time. 

You will also find a wide selection of cannabis products, including buds, pre-rolls, capsules, and concentrates. CBD topical, and much more. 

Canada has an extensive cannabis culture every pothead would love to explore. Visit our shop to buy your premium quality cannabis products at affordable prices today. 

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